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Leaking Basement Repairs In Winnipeg And Surrounding Areas

At Foundation Sealant Systems, we pride ourselves on our punctuality, clean work environment and complete professionalism. We are passionate about preserving the integrity of your home. We specialize in handling those all-important basement wall repairs. Homeowners have been relying on our expertise and experience for 20+ years. Call us to assess the extent of the damage of your basement walls and for a quotation to repair the area(s) requiring attention.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Epoxy resin and polyurethane injections for basement wall cracks
  • Window well drainage repairs
  • Leaky chimney repairs
  • Basement wall bracing

Discover the benefits of hiring an experienced sealant professional. We’re time efficient and cost effective. We arrive when scheduled as your time matters to us. Our workmanship and fair pricing have kept us in business for 20+ years.

For more information on basement wall repairs, please check out our FAQ page or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our Sealing Process

If you’ve got water in your basement or you’re concerned about the state of your basement walls, you are encouraged to get in touch with us right away. We’ll show up as scheduled, evaluate the damage and prepare a quote with the associated costs. No matter the project size, our estimates are free of charge for local customers. Depending on your distance away from Winnipeg, there may be a charge for an on-site evaluation. Some evaluations can be done by email with customer-supplied photos.

A typical repair involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Site preparation of the wall. We install injection ports, anchor them into the crack and seal the surface of the crack with an epoxy resin gel.
  • Step 2: Injection of the sealing agent.
  • Step 3: Installation of wall-bracing (if required).
  • Step 4: Clean up the work area.

Window Well Drainage

If your window well was improperly installed or has sustained damage over the years, your basement could be at risk for flooding.

The provided graphic gives you an idea of what’s involved in attaining proper drainage.

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